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Gum Recontouring – Lebanon, NH

Reshape Your Gums for a More Beautiful Smile

Beautiful woman smiling after gum recontouring in Lebanon

Ideally, no more than a few millimeters of gum tissue should be visible when you smile. If more than that shows, you may have what is commonly referred to as a “gummy smile.” While this is usually a cosmetic problem, it can also contribute to a number of oral health complications, such as gum irritation and infection. Fortunately, a gummy smile is usually easy to correct via gum recontouring in Lebanon. This cosmetic procedure may be just what you need to look and feel your best.

Why Choose O&S Dental Professionals for Gum Recontouring?

What Is Gum Recontouring?

Close-up of woman’s smile after successful gum recontouring treatment

Gum recontouring is a minimally invasive surgery wherein we remove excess or uneven gum tissue. We thereby expose more of the underlying dental structure and produce a more even, more proportionate gumline. Your teeth may appear longer as a result (as opposed to the short, stubby appearance that often accompanies overgrown gums). Depending on a patient’s unique needs, we might trim the gums near one tooth, a few teeth, or all of them.

Gum recontouring may be referred to by a number of different names. Some people may call it gummy smile correction, gum contouring, gingivoplasty, or crown lengthening. (Technically, crown lengthening is a slightly different procedure — it may involve modifications to the jawbone — but it produces similar aesthetic results.)

How Does Gum Recontouring Work?

Woman’s smile before and after gum recontouring treatment

Depending on the type of instruments we are using to work on your mouth, we may numb you. Sedation is also a possibility. Your dentist will then trim the gum tissue, taking care to remove as little as possible while still achieving the desired results.

You might need to avoid certain foods while your gums are healing; you do not want to do anything that could irritate them as they recover. Once you are fully healed from the surgery, you can begin to fully enjoy the benefits of your procedure.

Benefits of Gum Recontouring

Confident man enjoying benefits of his cosmetic dental procedure

The top benefits of gum recontouring include:

Are you ready to learn more about gum recontouring and how it may benefit you? Contact O&S Dental Professionals today to schedule your consultation.